Grow Your Business

“Intelegia was able to bring focus to the planning process and enable all stakeholders to leave the sessions with a clear, workable plan of action.” Mike Bowes, Managing Director, AMMG

Whether your organization is a private company, a non-profit organization or government agency, you are ultimately looking to grow efficiently and successfully.

Today’s economic, social and business environments requires a mastery of information. Information is a commodity – easily accessible at a low cost. The organization that will stand out from the others in the future will be the one that goes beyond the available information.  It will create content to connect with individuals, on and off the web.

By creating content, your organization will deliver value to customers, partners and other stakeholders. It will strategically position your organization as an innovative marketer.

Content creation methods, tools and most of all, an overall content strategy are required. The Web 2.0 tools are your best allies however; rather than focusing your energy on the technical aspects of these tools and approaches, Intelegia will show you how to master them.

Intelegia’s strengths and expertise in information monitoring, content analysis and production is offered through the following products and services:

  • Benchmark analysis of online strategies of competitors or similar organizations
  • Integrated strategies for social media marketing initiatives including coherent content strategies
  • Strategic planning facilitation to anticipate future opportunities in traditional and emerging sectors.

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