Attract New Investments

“Intelegia was instrumental in setting up the winning conditions for our investment in Mirabel, Quebec. It significantly compressed the timeline needed from inception to investment.” Sheldon Gordon, Real Estate Promoter

Attracting new investments in your community is an on-going task: your community is in direct competition with other regions worldwide.

Attracting new investments has become more strategic.  Investors want to know the strengths and opportunities in your community before speaking to you. They are using the web more than ever to evaluate prospects and they are even considering the latest buzz on social media.

Can you afford to miss the opportunities to enhance the way you promote your region?

Intelegia develops marketing strategies to ensure that your region is placed in front of the right investors.

Intelegia offers and delivers the following products and services:

  • Creating online marketing strategies to ensure that a region’s unique value proposition captures the attention of potential investors
  • Building content strategies for sustainable social media initiatives to engage investors and site selectors
  • Monitoring of prospects’ investment patterns and business strategies to detect potential investment plans
  • Establishing business cases for potential investors
  • In-person engagements with potential investors to discuss and close possible deals
  • Visiting potential site locations for investment projects

Want To Know More?

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