Using LinkedIn As An Information Gathering Tool

LinkedIn is like a Swiss Army knife.   It is a tool that can be used in different forms.   Primarily, professionals use the site is a networking tool to connect with individuals that they have met online or in person.   For sales and marketing professionals, LinkedIn offers a platform to aid in finding and engaging leads with relevant content about their products and services.   Users of the site can also benefit from the amount of information that is flowing within their respective network of contacts, discussion groups and sources of news.

Setting up an user account to be an information gathering tool only takes a few seconds by following these three steps.

Step 1: Visit your LinkedIn homepage

With your username and password handy, visit LinkedIn.   By default, your homepage will look similar to what is presented in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Example of LinkedIn Default Homepage

All the updates from your network (i.e., contacts, companies that you follow, discussion groups, etc.)  will appear on the page.

Step 2: Customize Your View

By clicking on the “All Updates” link on the homepage, you will able to modify the view.    As seen as in Figure 2, there are various views to take advantage of.

Figure 2: Listings of Update Types on LinkedIn

Once you click on “Customize” among the list of options, you will be given a form (see Figure 3) in which you have indicate the Update type that should appear in a customized feed on your homepage.


Figure 3: Form To Select Update Types

Based on the Update types that were selected, go back and revisit your customized homepage. Does it reflect your selections?   Figure 4 is a customized homepage that was built based upon the following Update type: Trending news.

Figure 4: Customized Homepage Feed Based On Trending News


LinkedIn is now more than a database of contacts.   It can be used as a very efficient platform to track intelligence via news sources, discussions or contacts that are experts in their respective fields.


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