Most Tweeted Brands : A Tool For Twitter Intelligence

Here is a quick tool for those who are responsible for tracking tweets regarding global brands on the microblogging platform.

In December 2012, based on Millward Brown’s 2012 BrandZ Top 100 report which identifies the top 100 most valuable global brands and 50 most valuable brands in Brazil, JWT Brazil  launched, Most Tweeted Brands.  The tool analyzes the real-time popularity of brands using Twitter data from 200 countries and in various languages.   Ultimately, the application is meant to measure  and assess the “buzz” surrounding the global brands  in an interactive and visual format.    The data is updated every minute.

To test out Most Tweeted Brands, let’s use it from two points of view: 1) From an industry perspective and 2) From a country perspective.

1)  From an industry perspective

Thanks to a drop down menu, users can select the industry in which they would like to investigate.  Figure 1 is a list of the most tweeted brands in the global financial sector.

Figure 1: List of The Most Tweeted Brands In The Financial Sector

On February 1st, the top three most tweeted global brands were: 1) HSBC, 2) Satander and 3) American Express

2) From a country perspective

To discover if and where the same brands appeared in the top three or ten list based on location, the tool permit users to sort by country.  Figure 2 is the results when “Canada” is selected to sort the list.

Figure 2: List of The Most Tweeted Brands In The Financial Sector In Canada

It should not be surprise to anyone that the top three banks on the list are Canadian financial institutions. (i.e., Scotiabank, Toronto Dominion and RBC Royal Bank.)  Looking down further down on the list, one can see HSBC and American Express are ranked at 4th and 7th respectively.

Figure 3 is a  map generated by the tool to help individuals visualize where the branded tweets regarding HSBC are coming from around the world.

Figure 3: Branded Tweets Regarding HSBC Are Coming From Across The World

Based on the size of the circles,  the majority of branded tweets originated from:

  • United Kingdom (16%)
  • Brazil (14%)
  • United (12%)

Most Tweeted Brands can be really handy when one of the global brands launches a new product and needs to evaluate how their social media marketing strategy is creating a buzz on Twitter especially if  an assessment needs to be done to measure its impact of the strategy on a region or country.

Most Tweeted Brands is available at

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