4 Tips To Improve Your Agency’s Profile On LinkedIn

In the past month, I have visited several economic development agency’s websites and their social media presence on the big three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.   While browsing through the dozen of LinkedIn agencies profiles, I was quite surprise that some agencies are not using the profiles correctly, if at all.

Below are four tips to improve your economic development agency’s profile on LinkedIn.

1. Be Sure To Have A Profile

You would think that some agencies would take the initiative to build a profile; however; that is always the case.  For agencies that have not bought into being on LinkedIn, it is time.  With individual profiles of representatives, the agency should have a clear description on their landing page with critical keywords such as: “economic development”, “investment attraction”, etc.   It is important to note that creating an individual profile for the agency is not a  good idea.  It will prevent agencies from taking advantage of other features that are reserved for company profiles.

2. Create Tabs

One of the features that is reserved for company profiles is the ability to create tabs to provide more marketing copy on the agency’s profile.  Figure 1 is a screen capture of the marketing copy available on the Greater Halifax Partnership  LinkedIn profile when the “Services” tab is clicked on.

Figure 1: Greater Halifax Partnership's LinkedIn Customized "Services" Tab

The agency from Halifax has selected to post descriptions of their support programs and business and economic development initiatives on their services page.

3. Use Company Updates

Agencies that fail to use the company updates function on LinkedIn are not taking the opportunity to push information to followers.   Posting updates is an avenue to engage followers with relevant content on a consistent basis.  Once followers log onto their account, the post will appear in their timeline with the options of “liking”, “sharing”, “commenting”.

4. Embed Social Media Content

If your agency has great content that sells your region to site selectors via social media, why not showcase it on the profile page.  Via the administration side of the profile, agencies can plug in the hyperlink to their best YouTube clip in order for it to appear to visitors to the profile.   As a representative of the economic development agency, you can do your part by imbedding the same or additional content on your individual profile via plugins available on LinkedIn Apps – LinkedIn Learning Center.   If your agency has a blog on WordPress and a Slideshare account, I recommend taking advantage of  the two respective applications.  Figure 2 is a screen shot of the WordPress application with the recent posts from Intelegia’s blog.

Figure 2: WordPress Application On LinkedIn With The Recent Posts From Intelegia's Blog

Company profiles on LinkedIn for economic development agencies are outlets that should contain more that a brief description.  Along with applications and marketing content, agencies must always seek to enhance their presence on the business social media website to reflect what their region has to offer current economic development stakeholders and potential investors.

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