Mobile Application Planning For Investment Attraction

Marketing a region for investment attraction and business attraction is changjng rapidly.   Some economic development agencies have made progressive leaps to promote themselves on various medias and platforms.  From printed brochures to interactive websites, agencies are attempting to reach investors and site selectors in a efficient manner.

One platform that agencies should consider to use immediately is a mobile application of their website for smartphones.  According to the post, “10 Things You Need to Know About B2B Mobile Marketing“, “91% of mobile workers (business professionals) use a smartphone for work”.   As a result, agencies must decide not if they need a mobile version of their website but what content and functionalities should be available on the application.

Rather than placing all the content that is currently on the site on the new application, agencies should plan strategically what should be available on the mobile version.

Below are some planning points to consider before the new version goes live and accessible via iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Currency of Content

Currency of content is essential when it comes to having a mobile version of an economic development agency website.  Potential investors and site selectors are looking for recent content to make informed decisions.   By providing fresh content, agencies can be known as an update resource that can accessed via a smartphone.   Be sure that the key pieces of data (i.e., locational factors) are current as possible.


Getting back and forth between the pages of content is an important factor when it comes obtaining users’ acceptance of the application.   The navigation should be relatively easy and make sense in terms of “information flow”.  Having non-related pages clutter the application will turn off users and will result in less individuals logging onto the mobile version of site.


The mobile version of the website is the logical extension of what can be found via a laptop and should be branded in the same manner.  From the established colours to the messaging on specific pages, it is important that branding be consistent.  Deviating from any current branding plans for the mobile application will lead to confusion amongst visitors looking for information.

Information Tools

From databases of available real estate locations to interactive maps, information tools should be the core of the mobile application.   Although the objective of the application is to aid in the promotion of the region for investment attraction,  the mobile version should make life easier for investors in terms of supplying access to data.   Agencies with a collection of information tools should evaluate them in terms of relevancy to investment attraction and place them in a format that is convenient for a mobile version of the website.

Bridge To Social Media

As seen in the cases of Invest In Reims and Invest In Ireland, the mobile applications are used to connect with stakeholders via social media.   Rather than depending on email to contact potential investors, agencies can prompt them to become apart of their business network on LinkedIn, stay updated via Facebook and Twitter and view current video clips on YouTube.

Mobile versions of websites offer economic development agencies a great opportunity to showcase their regions in a very innovative way.   Content that can be found a conventional website should be adapted to fix the needs of mobile users and at the same time promote the attributes of the location for investment attraction.  In order to create a perfect application for investment attraction, agencies must take a proactive approach to planning the right content and features that will position the region as the location to invest.

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