5 Things That Should Be In An Editorial Calendar

It is 9 am and you are just about to pitch your comprehensive social media strategy to the chief marketing officer.    Everything seems to be in order except for one aspect: The all important editorial calendar.  The tool that may ultimately make or break the social web marketing initiative.   Without enough time to modify the entire presentation, you need to be prepared to properly reply to questions regarding the 5Ws of the social media plan.

Below are five key points that any social web marketer should be able highlight when talking about an editorial calendar that will address some of the 5Ws.

Time frame

Every editorial calendar must be defined by a time frame.  The time frame will dictate when content strategy will be executed to reach marketing objectives.  Although the time frame can be flexible, it is best to keep it rigid to assist in any benchmark exercises in term of  measuring success / failure.  An editorial calendar should be for at least 6-month period.


The calendar must include details regarding the specific tools that will be used on a daily basis along with the content that will be shared (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest).   Again, tracking the use of tools will help in assessing which applications perform the best on a particular day of the week.


Brand attributes should be noted in the calendar to serve as a reminder for community managers when it comes to posting the right content to illustrate the brand.   The list should not be lengthy;  however, there should be enough to curate content for each month in the calendar.  (Hint: Be sure to rank the attributes on the basis of what consumers want and not the ability to curate content easily.)


A listing of keywords in the editorial calendar will help content curators / community manager plan the content that will posted in the upcoming months.  The keywords will certainly steer any organic search engine optimization campaigns that can involve blog posts, tweets and tags of images.    For some, keywords can be derived from a list of brand or product attributes.

Offline Marketing Efforts

It is important to remember that social media marketing campaigns are not built and executed in a vacuum.  The social media plans should take into account the marketing efforts that are taking place offline.     As a result, these efforts should be accounted for in the calendar in order to have an integrated marketing effort during the lifespan of the campaign.    Having such an organized approach will prompt social media marketing communications to support offline promotional activities and vice-versa.

Social media marketers that decide to ignore the need for editorial calendar will not be able to have a guide to reach engagement objectives and to use applications in an efficient manner.  As a result, there will be days or weeks where marketers will fail to engage audiences with compelling content.  Days or weeks when competitors can do better job at marketing themselves to capture the attention of the audience.

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