Les Affaires Ereputation Presentations Recap

On June 13th, 2012, Les Affaires, the French language weekly business newspaper, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, hosted, “Image et réputation 2.0”.   The conference was an opportunity for business professionals to learn from experts on the subject of e-reputation or reputation  online reputation management  in social media context.  Below is a brief recap of the presentations that were  given by the invited speakers on the one day event.


Jacqueline Dubé – CEFRIO

Jacqueline Dubé of CEFRIO kicked off the event with some interesting data regarding Quebeckers use of social media sites.  Among the facts that  Dubé highlighted, small and medium businesses  in Quebec still have a way to go in terms of adopting social media applications.

Isabelle Poirier   – Intelegia

Using recent examples of online reputation management errors by Labatt and Nestle, Poirier discussed the importance of listening and monitoring about what is  being said about your brand on social media.  In addition, attendees  learned some practical strategies and tips on how to better monitor brands on the web.

View the presentation, “ Réussir l’écoute et le monitoring de l’image de marque : un long processus qui se prépare en amont ! “.

Jean-François Renaud – Adviso

To compliment PoIrier’s presentation, Jean-François Renaud  of Adviso provided an overview of tools that can be used to  monitor brands on social media.   Tools include: Trustyou, Brandwatch, Topsy, Meltwater Watch and Netvibes.  In addition, he explained the three Facebook Metrics that are  relevant to measuring e-reputations are: number of  fans, number of people that talk about the page and number of shares.

Jean-François Deschênes – Bombardier

Jean-François Deschênes of  Bombardier was present to share insights in respect to brand management on social media in terms of monitoring the right information.  Deschênes highlighted the approaches, monitoring and analysis tools that were used to reach strategic objectives.  At the end of the presentation, attendees received practical takeaways to implement in their organizations.

Tanya Brasseur – Pfizer

In her 30 minute presentation,Tanya Brasseur provided an overview of how the pharmaceutical company manages its reputation in regards to its web 2.0 identity.  With Plus que des medicaments, the company has a platform not only to engage stakeholders but also with individuals who  may affect the Pfizer brand image.

Yves Rannou – Air Canada Vacations

Yves Rannou, Director eCommerce & Social Media, shared his insights into how Air Canada Vacations is able to use brand ambassadors on the social web to achieve marketing objectives.  At the end of the presentation, Rannou provided a look at the tools needed to measure the effectiveness of ambassadors campaigns on sales and current promotions.


In this 30 minute presentation, Julie Hébert outlined a strategy on how to best manage and control your brand on social media.   In addition, she provided a plan to identify gaps in approaches to social media in terms  of branding and how to fix them.

Katheline Jean-Pierre – Google

Katheline Jean-Pierre, former Senior Manager, Leader of the Web marketing, Social Media & Mobile initiatives in Canada at Deloitte Canada, presented an interesting look  at her approach  to  understanding and influencing virtual communities.  The core of her presentation was based on a  case study from Deloitte where she was mandated to rebrand the organization to adopt social media culture to fit along with current strategies and its current  client base.

Lyne Lortie – CMA

Attendees to Lyne Lortie’s presentation had the opportunity learn about the important keys needed to  maintain a good ereputation.  Lortie’s roadmap includes practical tips, steps and metrics to implement in an organization in the long term and short term.

Guillaume Brunet – Substance Stratégies

To end the presentation session portion of the conference, Guillaume Brunet furnished a checklist of seven tactics to manage rumours that can start and spread via social media.   These tactics can be extremely helpful in times  of crisis management.

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