The Power Of INSTALAB [4x4]

The power Of Instagram is truly amazing.  With a simple  application and a  smartphone, individuals can capture  great images and share them  for  the  world to see.   As seen in the post,  “The Power Of Instagram For Economic Development: See #SewHungry” putting the tool in the hands of stakeholders can go a long way in marketing a town.   As a result,  these “Instagramers” are instant ambassadors and influencers.

In the city of Montreal,  INSTALAB [4x4]  is an initiative that is worth examining.  #INSTALAB [4x4] is a collective of 4 iphoneographers from different backgrounds whodiscovered each other by their work, taken with and shared through, this new mobile photo media.



With the square format as their only constraint, this new media allows for both the instant capture, but also a post production process that carries the exploration further.  The individuals behind the initiative  include:

  • Sven [@pixetoile], A visual artist with an expertise in audiovisual and multimedia technologies.
  • Mana [@caramilk], An individual with a background in architecture with an interest in iphoneography studies of light, translucence, colour and composition
  • Marie Deschênes [@mariemiles], A dancer and poet philosophy student, that likes to find beauty in the unexpected – the small, the boring, the ugly – and bring it out in unusual, simple ways
  • Gabriel Hernandez [@gabriel_hernandez], An architect with ten years of experience in design and construction

Below is a photos that was displayed with by #INSTALAB [4x4] at a recent art mobile exhibition event in Montreal.

The event will take place until July 28, 2012 at the café “Mots à la Bouche”, 226 W Fairmount Street in Montreal.

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To receive updates, follow Intelegia on LinkedIn.hese photos that can be found on social media are great unofficial promotional material for tourism attraction strategies for the city of Montreal. The content does make up for  the absence of Tourisme Montreal presence on the social web platform.  #INSTALAB [4x4]‘s content can repurposed by the agency on an adhoc basis.

For economic development agencies seeking to enhance the social web marketing strategy, it is advised that a reach out program should be implemented to work with groups such as  #INSTALAB [4x4] to assist in promoting a city via  Instagram.