Making Investment Attraction Mobile

Looking for best practices to guide your economic development agency in going mobile for investment attraction purposes?  Turn on your smartphone and check out what Maricopa County Economic Development agency is doing.

Maricopa County Economic Development agency located in Arizona, is the organization dedicated to  building a vibrant sustainable and environmentally responsible economy resulting in increased quality of job opportunities and income levels, strengthened tax base and enhancement of the quality of life for Maricopa County residents and communities.  Although their website seems quite flat, their mobile version is impressive.  Figure 1 is a screen capture of the search interface that site selectors can use to find available property in the region.

Figure 1: Search Interface For Available Property

Figure 2 illustrates the query page for the county profile for Pinal, Arizona in terms of recent Business and Workforce data and a community profile for Maricopa.

Figure 2: Search Interface For County and Community Profiles

Figure 3 presents the results of  the query for the county in  regards to business attraction related information.

Figure 3: Query Results For Business Attraction Related Information For Pinal, AZ

Other features that ‘on the go’ site selectors can utilize include:

  • Viewing available properties on a map
  • Creating demographic & business reports
  • Sharing all property listings and reports via email and social media and can be exported to .pdf

Agencies that select to adopt a mobile strategy for smartphones and tablets will have a significant competitive advantage over other agencies vying for investors’ dollars.  Investors and site selectors are no longer accessing information via desktops  and laptops.  They must be supplied with recent  data in formats that will facilitate ad-hoc decision making.

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