Identifying The Right Experts On Social Media

Merriam Webster dictionary defines an expert as ” having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience. ”  Via social media, it can be easy to confuse an expert with a key influencer.    From a strategic intelligence point of view, it is vital to tell the difference between someone that shares content within a large network and an individual that has profound insights of a sector.

Below are four practical tips that you can use to spot experts amongst influencers on social media.

1.    Use DuckDuckGo

Yes, after using Google, use DuckDuckGo to find out more about the expert.    The specialized search tool will allow you to find profiles from crowdsourcing platforms.  You should be looking for a detailed biography outlining:

  • Professional achievement
  •  Employment history
  • Record of speaking opportunitie
  • Listing of published work

2.   Search Slideshare

Searching Slideshare will unveil past presentations from the expert.   Along with the slides, you can unearth speaking notes on the topic that is covered.   In addition, the expert’s biography may be included in the slide deck.  For a robust search, be sure  to use the name of the individual and in Google. (i.e.,”Jane Doe” )

3.    Look To LinkedIn

Experts will definitely have a LinkedIn profile for professional branding purposes.  The key elements  of the elements that should be noted when identifying experts on the business social  network are:

  • Complete and concise discussion of past achievements in the industry in the summary section
  • Detail listing of specialities and expertise
  •  Listing of appearances in traditional media (i.e., radio, television, print)
  • Lengthy listing of publications
  • Clients’ recommendations with top qualities tags (i.e., ‘expert’)

4.     Look To Traditional Media

Traditional media sources love experts.  Whether it is a sound bit or an insightful quote, traditional media can assist in validating the qualifications of experts.   Using tools such as that can provide access to more than 28,500 sources (such as newspapers, journals, magazines, television and radio transcripts, photos, etc.) will allow you to track mentions of the expert’s name and associated field of expertise.

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