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At times, it maybe difficult to get a grasp on where an industry is going in terms new products and services.   As competitive intelligence researchers, conducting an exhaustive trends research query is an option; however, a crowdfunding site such as Kickstarter is a source worth using.

Not only is Kickstarter a crowdfunding platform but it is resource to gauge the mindset of entrepreneurs and investors.    To use it as a strategic tool, it is best to find your industry via the search box or browsing the directory.  Figure 1 is a screenshot of a few successful funded projects that can be found in the Technology category.


Figure 1: Successful Funded Projects Listed On Kickstarter

Amongst the three projects, let’s see what type of intelligence can be collected for the Printrbot: Your First 3D Printer that received funding the amount of $830,827.

The project profile for Printrbot  is composed of:

  • Description – “3D printer kit that anyone can build”
  • Number of backers -1,808 (A good indicator of interest and confidence in the product)
  • Amount pledged –   $830,827 (A good indicator of interest and confidence in the product)

In addition to the profile, individuals can access further information regarding the project updates, backers and comments by users of Kickstarter.   From a strategic intelligence perspective, investigating the updates and backers is worth  looking into terms of industry trends and outlooks.  Figure 2 is a screenshot of list of backers in which a profile of Jeremy Gordon (San Francisco, CA) is available.

Figure 2: List of backers For The Printrbot


Jeremy Gordon’s complete profile unveils that he is heavy investor in technology where similar venture capitalists maybe considering investing in 3D printing technology.

To validate any potential in the heavily invested projects on Kickstarter, a quick Google Search can be conducted.   One interesting result is the article from Explaining The Future, “3D Printing

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