Facts To Support Your Mobile Strategy For Economic Development

Still  unsure whether your economic development agency needs to go mobile to better market your city for business attraction?  Intelegia has uncovered 10 articles that are worth reading to collect recent market intelligence that can assist you in supporting your case in investing in a mobile app.

Need some inspiration to get it your initiative of planning a mobile application for investment attraction purposes?  Take a look at the following agencies that have chosen to go mobile for promoting their city / region / country.


1. Hamilton Economic Development

Via its mobile application, Hamilton Economic Development offers an easy way to navigate through an abundance of site selection related information.   As  seen in Figure  1, the menu is straightforward and leads the user to intelligence regarding investing in the city of Hamilton.

Figure 1: Menu On Invest In Hamilton Mobile App

2. Greater Halifax Partnership

The mobile version of the Greater Halifax Partnership website serves as a platform to gain access to content on social media (i.e., blog and Twitter) .  Figure 2 is a screenshot of the Twitter feed as seen on a smartphone.

Figure 2: Greater Halifax Partnership Twitter Feed via Mobile Application

3. Invest in Reims

The Invest in Reims mobile application is well thought out and provides a quick profile of the region in the form of a list of 10 assets.  The first asset that the agency lists is the size of the city (i.e., 740 000).  Figure 3 is a screen capture of details regarding the number of citizens in Reims and other related data.

Figure 3: Invest in Reims Mobile Application

4. Invest in Ireland

The IDA Ireland Investment Promotion Agency smartphone application is quite impressive.  From accessing a list of companies in the country to viewing videos, the application is a marketing toolkit for the agency.   Figure 4 is a quick look at the menu of the application.

Figure 4: Menu of Invest In Ireland Mobile Application

Still think that your agency does not need a mobile application?  Consider the data presented in the article, “The Number Of Mobile Devices Will Exceed World’s Population By 2012 (& Other Shocking Figures“.  With the number of mobile devices in the hands of users on the  upswing, can your agency afford to be comfortable with a website that lacks capabilities of supplying information to decision-makers who are far removed from using a desktop and or laptop.

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