Repurposing Content For Investment Attraction: Invest In Reims

Struggling with content to post on your agency’s Facebook Timeline for investment attraction?  Not enough content to brand your region properly?  Consider repurposing content that you already have on file.

The art of repurposing content for social media can be rather difficult if you do not have a solid base of  content that can support your brand.  An economic development agency that was able to “reuse” content for its Facebook presence is Invest In Reims.

Located in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, the economic development agency of Reims has a complete social media toolkit which includes a Facebook Timeline that commences in August 2003.   By clicking of the date on the timeline, one can access the image as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1:Invest In Reims - Facebook Timeline Entry : August 2003

The image of French track athlete, Eunice Barber, was taken from the agency’s first promotional campaign via print media in 2003. Keeping with the track and field theme, the tag line on the advertisement in english reads, “Make The Big Jump, Invest in Reims”.

Further up on the timeline, the agency utilizes images from the ”Les décideurs votent Reims” campaign in which ambassadors are holding a sign that says, “Invest In Reims”.   Figure 2 is the image that was a part of the print campaign which started in September 2007.

Figure 2: Print Ad Kicking Off Invest In Reims' "Les décideurs votent Reims" campaign

The agency does not only repurpose visual content for its timeline.   In October 2009, the agency launched its first national television campaign.   Each television spot is 10 to 15 seconds in length and can be viewed on the timeline as illustrated in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Invest in Reims Television Ads Posted On Facebook Timeline

As a part of the agency’s Invest in Reims 2012 campaign, there are 15 – 17 seconds radio spots of endorsements from executives that have selected Reims as a place to do business.  Figure 4 is an example of the posts (placed on Facebook on March 26, 2012) with audio clip of Jean-François Cirelli, Vice Président GDF SUEZ.

Figure 4: Invest In Reims' Radio Spot Post on Facebook Timeline

Executing a portion of a content strategy entails identifying the right content to engage a  target audience via a selected social media outlet.  The ideal place to start the process is in-house to see what existing promotional content can be used.   As seen above, the Invest in Reim agency has been able to take promotional material meant for traditional media vehicules and post it on their timeline with hopes of reaching and engaging decision-makers seeking to relocate or make a capital investment in France.

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