Who Says Pinterest Is Just For Women?

There are a variety of factors that goes into selecting the right social media tools  to reach and engage with the right portion  of a target audience.   Each social media marketer have their own approach in choosing the best site, however; a piece of  basic intelligence that can be consulted to make a final decision are demographics.

In March 2012, Mashable posted, “Social Demographics: Who’s Using Today’s Biggest Networks” an infographic profiling the leading social media outlets.   One key piece of data that is important to note is that “Pinterest has the heaviest gender imbalance — 82% of users are women, who pin crafts, gift ideas, hobbies, interior design and fashion“.   Based on this finding, some marketers may assume that using Pinterest to reach out to males would be a waste of resources in terms of allocating time and money.

A few weeks ago, I came across the post, “10 Surprising Brands Killing It on Pinterest” and I was quite surprised to see that Major League Baseball (MLBAM) was on the list.  Major League Baseball, a brand that is promoted to males on Pinterest?

With this in mind, I decided to see if and how the other three major professional sports leagues in North America are on Pinterest and how they are engaging with their male followers.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

Based on the number of followers and pins, the NBA (nba) engages its audience via its Kicks, Posters and NBA Jerseys.   This should not be a great surprise to anyone familiar with the NBA brand.  All three entities are on the wish list of any NBA fan.

National Hockey League (NHL)

One would assume that the NHL would use their Pinterest account (thenhl) to promote their star players.  Similar to hockey trading cards, followers could pin and repin their favourite players.   Instead, the league has a specific pinboard surrounding stars from other sports and entertainment to illustrate that the league’s brand is popular and trendy.

National Football League (NFL)

To engage its followers,  the NFL selects to use branded content from NFL Films (nflfilms), the entity that is famous for capturing game highlights and the league’s rich history.  Via the pinboard, “Top 100 Players of 2012″, the league encourages its followers to repin their favourite players and then watch the television weekly series, “Top 100 Players of 2012″ on the NFL Network.

As seen in the examples above, there are organizations which are willing to take a risk in selecting a social media platform based on the content that they have to share to reinforcement their brand and not based on demographic intelligence.   At times, the basics of a content strategy (i.e. what format your content will be available in) will dictate where your organization should be on social media rather than what site  is cool and popular with  a segment of a population for a given period of time.

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