The Importance Of Real-Time Search For E-reputation

It was only in the early 2000′s that webmasters and individuals with webmaster skills had the power to publish, edit and delete online content.  Thanks to social media, anyone with a connection to the internet can become a publisher and influencer.    Due to this reality, companies have a need to invest millions of dollars in establishing a good solid reputation in their respective industries.   As a result, they must use specific tools to monitor what is said on the social web.

One of the invaluable tools to master for online reputation management or e-reputation is a real time search tool.

Using a real time search tool for an online reputation management allow companies (large and small) to keep informed immediately on what is said on a variety of social media platforms.  Failure to track on the negative chatter on a product, service, brand or company “as it appears online” will delay any prompt reply or strategy to overcome a challenge to the reputation of the company.

Which Real-Time Search Tool Should Be Used?

There are a variety of real-time search tools that can be used for online reputation management.   To select the appropriate application, users should bear in mind which social media platforms should be consulted for find relevant content for better or for worse and the tools’ features.    Here are a few tools to test out


Addictomatic searches sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images. It’s provides a tool to keep up with the hottest topics.
It attempts to find the most relevant information in the form of:

  • Blog posts
  • Pictures
  • Tweets
  • Videos

Users can select the specific social media sources that Addictomatic consults to provide its results.


Kurrently is a tool that permits users to discover what is being said on updates on Facebook and Twitter. Once the keywords are entered, a stream of results will roll in.  Figure 2 is a screenshot of results from Facebook for news regarding former CEO of Yahoo, Scott Thompson.

Social Mention

The Social Mention search tool is one of the most powerful applications on the web with plenty of bells and whistles.  Similar to  Addictomatic, users can select the social media sources that relevant information can be retrieved from.

From an online reputation point of view, the following analytics can be downloaded in .csv format for the following data points:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Top Keywords
  • Top Users
  • Top Hashtags

Below is the screenshot  of the sentiment analysis and top keywords data for the mention “#rogers1number” on microblogs.

Which real-time search tool to  you use for your online reputation management needs?

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