Efficient Searching With Google Plus

Here is a quick tip for online researchers who wish to perform an exhaustive search of social networks for competitive intelligence, especially when it comes to Google Plus.

If you are unfamiliar with searching Google Plus for information, there is search box where keywords are entered and Google will provide a  list of result based on the appearance of words in:

  • A title of a Google Plus page
  • An individual’s profile
  • A post made by an individuals
  • Sparks
  • Hangouts

In addition, Google allows you to search for results within your circles (i.e., your respective networks) and your past posts.

Last week,  I was faced with identifying economic development agencies that are using the social network in the form of a brand page.  After entering the obvious keywords, “economic development”, I took advantage of the filtering function as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Filtering Google Plus Search Results

Selecting “People and pages” allowed me to pinpoint the results that I needed.  Figure 2 illustrates the sample of the results after the filter wass applied.

Figure 2: Results For "People and pages"

For individuals that wish to validate all of the results given by Google Plus, be sure to utilize the Google advanced search function where the keywords are entered along with site:https://plus.google.com.   Beware, the results from the query will not be sorted.

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