Mott’s Engaging On Facebook In Two Languages

Here’s a quick tip for social media managers who are wrestling with the question, “How do we deal with our target audience which compose of individuals that speaks more than one language on Facebook?”

With a proper content strategy in place, a multilingual Facebook Brand Page is possible.  Mott’s Fruitsations Canada, a food and beverage company has a bilingual Facebook Brand Page.

Due to the nature of their target market being English and French, Mott’s has to be able to engage in two languages as seen on their cover page in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Fruitsations Canada's Cover Page

In order to see the evident of their bilingual content strategy, Figure 2 and 3 are screenshots of a recent poll with the same question; however it received different replies on the same day.

Figure 2: Mott's Fruitsations Canada Facebook Survey Poll In English


Figure 3: Mott's Fruitsations Canada Facebook Survey Poll in French

Not only is Mott’s engaging via a “point and click” survey interface, the brand is interacting via the written word as seen in Figure 4  with posts regarding health snacks that mothers can give to their kids.   The each post includes a link to the  Mott’s Fruitsations blog where recipes in both languages can be found.


Figure 4: Bilingual Posts Pushing Fans To The Mott's Blog

The only aspect that is lacking from the timeline is bilingual content from the beginning where the image in Figure 5 was posted to document the launch of the company back in 1876.

Figure 5: Post Documenting The Launch of Motts in 1876


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