Influence On Social Media: Finding, Creating and Sharing The Best Content

In the coming years, many challenges await professionals and businesses on social media.  The primary challenge is to stand out through the continuous flow of information and content circulating on the web and to be able to create and serve a niche by becoming a new reference in a network.  As a result, professionals and businesses will be able to become social media influencers in their respective industries.

To position themselves as a leader in social networks, professionals and business leaders must build their presence on the social web by thinking as Web publishers (or content curators). This can be done by following the “5Ws” in journalism, which applies equally to web content and focusing on the relevance of engaging with an audience.  In addition, they should manage to meet the high expectations of followers via the social web. (Please Read, “Social Media Influencers’ 5Ws For Content Curation“).



Content Curation: A Matter of Personal Branding

Today with social networks, communication channels no longer work  as they did before. They are no longer available for companies to promote products and services, but rather they are assisting consumers looking to buy. The content becomes the main marketing tool of web influencers and their “digital identity” is revealed to be the vehicle that is driving their personal brand.

How we engage on social media is, in some ways, a part of our social DNA. Each shared link, each comments or assessments (i.e., “Like”) are issued footprints. Any action on social networks should help to consolidate our position or status, especially when it comes to blog posts or abstracts of published books. In the era of social networking, content has become the key for professionals and businesses that have influence.

Know How To Target The Best Sources For Content For Audience Members

Recently, Neal Schaffer published a very interesting post on the subject of content curation and how to take it to another level.  (Please read, “Raising Your Content Curation to The Next Level”).   Schaffer stressed the importance of constantly seeking the best sources of content to offer a new experience to users on every visit.

To find these pearls of content, one has to know how to dig and search for them.  While the internet is full of content, searching must be done efficiently.  From research point of view, business or community managers have to constantly put in the shoes of their audience members and evaluating whether their findings deserve to be rebroadcast again by audience members. The relevance and validity of the content remain the primary values to establish the authority of an influencer on social media. (Please read, “9 Indicators Of A Social Web Influencer”).

The content curation process implies identifying the most relevant sources, organizing them according to strategic goals and sharing them through social platforms most visited by audience members. Regularly refreshed and updated, the original content deserves to be relayed and disseminated in the network.

Selection of content and sources thus plays a crucial role for social media influencers as they constitute their brand image, the very foundation of their leadership position.  There is no miracle solution and the appropriateness of the sources of an influencer will always depend on the degree of knowledge he or she has of the audience,  their first customer.  This realization only comes with time, by listening and having conversations.

Coming soon: The 10 Steps To Curate Content

In my next post, I will present the 10 steps of the content curation process are part of my daily routine. I’ll explain how I build my thematic lists and I will share my preferred sources.

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