YouTube: A Gateway To Quick Strategic Intelligence

Here is a tip for individuals who have the daunting task of getting familiar with an industry very quickly.  As strategic intelligence professionals, there are different tools and references to consult on the web; however, have you considered using YouTube?  Yes, YouTube is not only meant to watch clips of your favourite television show nor listening to bad ’80s music.

The keys to using YouTube as a strategic intelligence tool are: 1) keyword selection and 2) filtering by Upload date.

Case Scenario: An angel investor has mandated you to find out the recent trends in the biotechnology industry.  The investor is considering investing a significant amount of capital in the sector based on good intelligence from insiders and present industry stakeholders.

Possible Solution: Although a broad Google search may do the trick in terms of uncovering relevant literature in terms of industry reports and blog posts  from experts, a great format to gather sector intelligence is in the form of video recorded interviews.

Conducting a query on YouTube with the essential keywords of: i) biotechnology, 2) trends and 3) interview will provide results as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Sample Results For: biotechnology + trends + interview

Of the three non-sponsored results, it looks like the “VALUEx Zurich/Klosters: Tania Dimitrova on Trends in Healthcare Investing” clip is worth viewing based on its description  (i.e., “Tania Dimitrova, a New York-based healthcare industry expert and investment analyst, discusses the major developments and trends she sees in the healthcare industry“)  The clip is shown below.

Although lengthy, the interview does provide what the angel investor is looking for in terms of actionable intelligence

(Please Note: You can tinker with the keywords to see if there are any other clips worth viewing.  For example, instead of using “trends“, consider entering “forecast“).

To ensure that you are providing the most current videos available on YouTube, you should filter the results by relevancy (i.e. Upload date).   Figure 2 is the new set of results with the “Upload date” filter applied.

Figure 2: Results With The "Upload date" Filter

Even with the filter applied, the most relevant result remains the interview with the investment analyst.

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