500 Posts and We Are Just Getting Started!!!

Source:Google Analytics, April 2012

What started out in December 2006 as a simple blog to share online searching tools and to complain about things regarding information sources on the web reached a milestone this past Wednesday.

The post, “Successful Crowdsourcing With Dell’s IdeaStorm” marked Intelegia’s 500th blog post in English.  From our very first post, “Google Answers, “No More“, we have come a long way in sharing our helpful insights on such issues as:

This special milestone could not have been reached alone.  Below are just a few of our contributors to the blog (since Day 1) who have provided their specific expertise in the domains of social media and strategic intelligence.

We would like to thank you, the reader who is the vital component of the success of this blog.  Whether you are across the street from our office in Montreal or across the world in Auckland, New Zealand,  many thanks for visiting, reading and sharing our content with colleagues and friends.  We appreciate you dropping by.

You ask, “What is next for Intelegia’s blog?”  We plan on continuing to bring you our insights on how to use social media as a tool to find strategic information and to better market your brand on the web.  If you would like a specific topic covered in the future post, please tweet us at @citweetz or @intelegia.  Please be sure to connect with us through our LinkedIn page.

About Intelegia

Intelegia is a boutique consulting firm in Montreal, Canada that understands the need to be innovative and strategic in a business landscape that’s evolving at an incredible pace. The firm delivers social media strategies to efficiently engage with stakeholders in economic development, business to business and business to consumer segments. It assists clients by defining and executing sustainable social web strategies that will allow their brand message to stand out in a competitive environment where target audience engagement is a must.

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