Using Ycharts Indicators For Economic Intelligence

Last week, I introduced visitors to Ycharts, a specialized portal that competitive intelligence researchers may use to access stock related data to create meaningful charts and graphs.  What I failed to mention in the post (which I did on purpose) is that the portal is certainly relevant to individuals responsible for gathering and analysing economic intelligence.

By clicking the  “Economy” tab on the site, researchers can find data on top economic indicators from countries around the world.  To search for relevant indicators, users can either a) enter the specific indicator in the search box or 2) use a number of the drop down menus.  Figure 1 is the results given for the query,  “US New Housing Permits” for February 2012.

Figure 1: Ychart for U.S. New Housing Permits for February 2012

If researchers wish to use the drop down menus, there are five criteria to select from.

  • By Category (i.e., Interest Rate, Investments, etc)
  • By Report (i.e., Construction Spending Report)
  • By U.S. State
  • By Source (i.e., Eurostat, Dow Jones)
  • By Country

Figure 2 is the list of 10 indicators is generated when the country of Italy is selected.

Figure 2: 10 Italian Economic Indicators

For each chart that is provided to researchers, Ycharts lists a series of relevant links to news stories discussing the respective economic indicators.

Ycharts Indicators is available at


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