Using Ycharts To Assess The Industry

There are various ways to assess an industry; however, at the end of the day (literally and figuratively) individuals can look at how a group of collective companies are doing on the stock market.  Although many of the web search portals offer access to raw stock data, there are a few sites that will allow competitive intelligence researchers to dig deeper into financial data.

Ycharts allow users to better understand the companies behind the stocks via a variety of metrics (from accounts payable to valuation percentage).    The resource provides access to 500 000 charts created from current stock data.  Figure 1 is the Cash Operation chart for The Coca-Cola Company.

Figure 1: Cash Operation For The Coca-Cola Company For July 2007 - 2011

For those who wish to have a broad perspective of a sector, Ycharts provides industry-specific intelligence and charts.  Figure 2 is the results for the  query regarding the long term debt stock rankings for the metal fabrication industry

Figure 2: Long Term Debt Stock Rankings For The Metal Fabrication Industry

Figure 3 is an industry comparison chart in which capital expenditures and net income metrics for sectors were selected to perform the query.

Figure 3: Industry Comparison Chart - Capital Expenditures & Net Income

Amongst the charts that researchers can create from the data, Ycharts offers some of the basic strategic intelligence tools and resources in the form of:

  • Stock watchlists
  • Stock screener
  • Industry profiles (in terms of stock performance)

It should be noted that users can upgrade their account to access more stock ratings and analysis tools.

Ycharts is available at

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