Social Media Influencers’ 5Ws For Content Curation

In 2012, social networks are proving to be the main channel of expression for internet users.  In the age of social media and the mobile web, the internet is entering a phase of major egocasting, where digital identity and personal branding merge.

Blogs and social networks are becoming extensions of the personality of their users. With the new tools on the social web, each user has the ultimate power of sharing content.

To stand out from the masses and to reach their audience, professionals and companies must focus on relevant content to be able to engage efficiently.

Social media influencers have become new channels of information and new web publishers or content curators. Knowing that their leadership is largely dependent on the quality and value of how they engage, they deserve special attention. The content that they disseminate via the web and social media must meet specific criteria and respect the “5 W rule”: Who, What, When, Where, Why.

Here are five golden rules for social media influencers regarding the content curation.

1.    Build on the relevant and personalized message

Who is the target for the message? Unlike conventional media, based on mass communication, social networks support personalized broadcasting and addresses common interests.  The shared content needs to find its relevancy and must correspond to the interests of a community. The message must be more personalized and should prompt engaging conversation directly with audiences.

2.    Give priority to rich content and quality of experience

What is the value of the message? (See video SonnCom: Social Media Effect on YouTube) Facing the high expectations of users of social media in terms of interactivity, professionals and organizations have no choice but to focus on and provide rich content and the multimedia experience. To engage, we must step into the shoes of the audience members and question the value of content that is offered.

3.   Adapt the message for different contexts

When should the message be distributed?  We do not communicate the same way in personal or professional relationships and the same thing goes for sharing content on Facebook or Twitter, day or night, during the week or on the weekend. We must therefore ensure that all content fit into the context of target audience member via the selected platforms and when it is shared.

4.    Vary the content sources to benefit from all formats

Where should the content be disseminated? To feed their timeline, social media influencers should have a careful balance between different formats (i.e, pictures, videos, texts with hyperlinks, graphics, etc.) and different platforms. As webcasters, they should have an array of content sources and prioritize them to offer the greatest opportunity to use the different formats on multiple platforms. Whenever possible, they should disseminate rich content with the goal of engaging audience members efficiently.

5.     Select appropriate tools according to their needs

Why choose one tool over another? Faced with a glut of content available online, web professionals often face problems of management time and resources. They need to find tools and web applications that will enable them to maximize their effectiveness despite these challenges.  As a result, they can avoid spreading their efforts too thin by trying all available tools and focusing on applications that truly meet their needs.

A strategic approach to content delivery

Each of these rules must be integrated into a comprehensive content curation strategy. For each one, web professionals can use different tools to be more effective and efficient. There is no magic formula and the effectiveness of these tools do not always depend on the needs which they serve.
Professionals, companies or organizations must consider their actions, according to their objectives and the criteria they have selected. Their approach to social networks should not be left to chance and must reflect a strategic framework to deliver the right content.


What do you think? What criteria do you use to select your content? Feel free to share your comments and ideas.

In my next post, I will take a look at the different tools that I use to select, create and distribute content. I will also discuss the applications that I use to build my social presence and measure its effectiveness.

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