4 Things To Consider For A Content Strategy For Pinterest

Convinced that your organization is ready to use Pinterest as a part of your social media marketing plan?  If so, you have a key decision to make.   You can either start pinning everything that is associated to your organization and brand (and what it likes) or have a content strategy that will guide the initiative to meet established marketing objectives.  If your choice is the latter, then here are four things to consider as you  execute a content strategy for Pinterest.

 1. Brand attributes

To some social media marketers, this element is a given; however, it is worth listing due to the nature of Pinterest.  It is essential that the brand attributes are clearly seen in the content that is pinned on Pinterest (be it an image, a video or a piece of text).  In addition, identifying the proper attributes will assist you in having a structured approach in organizing your boards.  If you are responsible for destination marketing for your region, consider the boards that Visit Savannah  has on Pinterest (visitsavannah).  Figure 1 provides a glimpse of a few of the boards on the organization’s account.

Figure 1: Pinterest Boards on visitsavannah










Amongst the 20 boards, individuals are free to visit, follow, like and repin content from the following boards that  are aligned with Savannah’s brand attributes:

  • Sweet treats
  • Homes and mansions
  • Art, culture and style

Ultimately, you should be striving for your target audience to “see” the attributes that will set your products / services a part from your competitors.

2. The “Repin” effect

The “repin” effect is something that all Pinterest marketers should be preoccupied with.  As defined as Pinterest, “A repin is adding an image you find while browsing Pinterest to your own board. When you repin an image, the user who first pinned the image will also get credit. Repins maintain the source-link of the image no matter how many times it’s repinned.“  To achieve the maximum amount of “repins”, your content strategy must consider what images or pieces of text will prompt others to click to share what their have found on your boards. As a result, you have to know your audience to a point that you will be comfortable pinning something funny to an item that plays on emotions to have them act on their needs.

3. Resources to curate content

In order to have a sustainable presence  on Pinterest, you must to have a long term strategy in regards to the resources needed to curate content to promote your brand.  For organizations that will be generating their own content on a frequent basis,  it is important that the resources be in place to produce quality images (photos and videos) that will convey the brand message to the target audience.  Organizations selecting to curate content via the web must ensure that the right sources are consulted (i.e. community partners, suppliers, clients).

4. Call to action

While you may have cool images to be pinned and repinned by others, does the images or the respective boards have a “call to action“.  Yes, it is nice to be sharing awesome pictures; however; at the end of the day, your presence on Pinterest should be leading audience members to obtain your product or service.  A content strategy that considers a “call to action” should include:

  • A link back to the company’s / brand’s website
  • Engaging copy that will serve as descriptions for content that will be pinned

Are we missing any other content strategy elements for Pinterest?  Tell us.

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