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Here’s a tip for those who wish to have more of an international perspective when it comes to gathering strategic intelligence.

Rediff is a news, information, entertainment and shopping portal that is based out of India.  Recently, the portal launched its real time news search function which is worthy to be in the toolbox of web research professionals.  The tool consults over 30 000 global sources with a particular focus on content originating from India.  This is evident when users begin to enter keywords into the search box and Rediff will provide results in the form of news stories from India.

As a competitive intelligence researcher, you may attempt to see if there are articles written by industry experts or reporters in Asia.  Figure 1 is a screenshot of that was conducted early on February 22th, 2012 from Montreal, Canada.

Figure 1: Results For The Query: "Blackberry" + "trends"














Browsing through the first set of results, there is not anything specific to the country of India to make a note of until you see the hit presented in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Relevant Hit From An Asian Source













Reading the title, “BlackBerry finally sets up server in Mumbai” may indicate that Research In Motion (RIM) (maker of the Blackberry) maybe looking to solidify their presence in India by investing in equipment.   Upon reading the article, it is clear that the investment was necessary in order to comply with the Indian government in regards to its messenger services.

Would the same article be discovered via Google News?  Good question.

Using the same keywords results in obtaining a flood of hits from North American sources that does not provide a  link to the article.  To obtain the same story, you must enter the keywords: “Blackberry” + Mumbai into Google News.

What can be taken away from this exercise using Rediff?  Sometimes it is not always easier to use big content aggregators to find intelligence that is specific to a geographical region.  It might be wise to stick with tools that specialize in indexing news content originating from their respective country.

Rediff News Search is available at

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