Searching For Blog Posts On Regator

One of the post challenging aspects of searching the social web is using a reliable tool to discover relevant blog post.  Yes, Google has Google Blog Search; however, the tool tends to pick up a bunch of press releases and pages that has very little content to help competitive intelligence researchers.

Here is a tip for those who wish to add to their toolbox of search applications for Web 2.0 platforms.

Regator is a blog search engine and directory designed to make the best content in the blogosphere more accessible to both consumers and businesses.   Figure 1 is a screenshot of the index page of Regator.

Figure 1: Regator's Index Page










The application offers users to:

  • Browse posts categorized by topic (i.e, Arts, Business, Sports)
  • Track Trends (in terms of blog posts)
  • Monitor keywords in the blogosphere
  • Track favorite blogs, topics, and posts

Within the Business section, there is a “Venture Capital” section to browse through on the basis of:

  • Popularity
  • Currency
  • Post with Audio
  • Posts with Videos
  • Blog lists

For those looking for more industry-specific blogs, Regator has an “Industry” where the following relevant sector specific posts can be found:

  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

Users can either browse or search for relevant content.  Figure 2 is screenshot of the results for the query: “retail industry” + trends.

Figure 2: Results For The Query: "retail industry" + trends.










Regator is available at


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