Using Twiangualate To Gathering Twitter Intelligence

Looking for a search tool that will give you further intelligence into the Twitter account of individuals or companies?  Take Twiangulate for a spin.

Twiangulate is a search tool that allows you to quickly discover insights on particular details on individuals / companies using Twitter.   The application can provide details such as a list of:

  • Biggest Followers
  • Mutual Followers
  • Mutual Friends
  • Compare lists
  • Inner circle
  • Keywords

To demonstrate the power of the tool, let’s use the top three social media powerful influencers according to the recent post on Forbes, “Who Are The Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers?“.   The handles that were submitted to Twiangulate were the following:

  • @chrisbrogan (Chris Brogan)
  • @marketingprofs (Ann Handley)
  • @guykawasaki (Guy Kawasaki)

Figure 1 is the screen capture of the results for the query using the three handles to discover the biggest followers amongst the three accounts.

Figure 1: List of details regarding biggest followers of top three social media influencers











The results are interesting to read if you wish to know the amount of key influencers that follow these three influencers in the field of social media.  For example:

  • GuyKawasaki has 39 big followers who have 51,774,788 followers
  • chrisbrogan has 15 big followers who have 16,360,516 followers
  • MarketingProfs has 3 big followers who have 3,061,845 followers

Based on the numbers from Twiangulate, Guy Kawasaki has the most amount of influence on Twitter due to his base of 39 big followers who has an audience of 51,774,788 followers.

For those who wish to build their list of followers on Twitter, Twiangulate can help.  Plug in the handle of competitors or related organizations and find their “Mutual Followers”.  These followers will most likely follow your Twitter feed if they are in need for relevant information.

Twiangulate is available at

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