What Does Google Social Search Mean For Strategic Intelligence?

In case you missed the news, Google Social Search was unveiled and will have implications for strategic intelligence professionals if they wish to use the tool.   To best explain the importance of the application for competitive intelligence research, let me start with a simple search query using a general Google Search with the terms: “social media” + trends. Figure 1 is a screenshot of the results for the query.

Figure 1: Results For Google Query: "social media" + trends










You will notice that these results are from a broad amount of sources on the web.

Log into a valid Google Account and create a Google Plus account (if you do not have one yet.)  Google Plus is yet another social network similar to Facebook and LinkedIn.  You may wait until another time to complete your profile; however, it is essential that you have professional profile on the network.

Once you have your Google Plus account set up, start setting up your Circles and/or following company brand pages.  (Circles on Google Plus are the distinct groups of people that you will connect, share and engage with just like in real-life.)  Create a circle based on industry expertise by identifying experts. (Consider using Followerwonk and see if they are on Google Plus).  In addition, you can choose to follow company brand pages.  You many want to add experts and or companies that are very active on social  media in terms of sharing content.  I have a circle of “social media experts” in which I can engage with and access content that they share.

Figure 2 is the screenshot of results for the same query as above; however, Google Social Search is activated using my circles as a content source to furnish me with “Personal Results”.

Figure 2: Google Plus Personal Results For Query: "social media" + trends











Notice the difference between the two sets of results?  The second results gets me directly to content that experts deem worthy to read.  Be sure to click on “Personal Search” link located below the the search query box as seen in Figure 2.

To conclude, Google Social Search affords individuals gathering  strategic intelligence to access information that is made available via their contacts or followed company brand pages on Google Plus  if the contacts or companies are:

  • Using Google Plus
  • Experts in a field or industry
  • Sharing content on the platform on a consistent basis

Google Plus is available at http://plus.google.com/

P.S.  If you wish to add me to one of your circles, here’s my Google Plus profile page.

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