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As 2011 comes to an end, Intelegia would like to go back into its archives to share some of the most popular posts with individuals that may have missed them the first time around.  In this particular post, readers will be given access to posts dealing with social media influence.  Intelegia is fortunate to have Raymond Morin amongst its roster of contributors who has written plenty on the subject from the notion of social influence to specific tools for influence marketing.  Below are the top five posts that were translated from French to English that received the most views based on Intelegia’s Google Analytics statistics.

5) 5 (+1) Tips To Become An Influencer On Empire Avenue

In this post from November 2011, Raymond puts forth 5 practical tips (plus a bonus) for individuals who have selected to use Empire Avenue as a tool to measure web influence.   From setting professionals goals to connecting to other professionals in your industry, this mini-guide will aid you in using this social gaming platform efficiently.

4) Empire Avenue: The Stock Market For Web Influencers

This post that was originally published in October 2011 provides an overview of the stock market simulation application to measure web influence.  Readers can access insights on how to use the application for professional purposes and why it may be a suitable option rather than Klout or PeerIndex.

3) How To Identify Social Media Influencers? (Part 2)

In December 2011, Raymond highlighted two examples where social media influencers are identified and how their sway is playing a key role in causes that the two influencers support.  Learn who has more influence on the web: Lady Gaga or Bono?

2) How To Identify Social Media Influencers? (Part 1)

Based on the white paper written by Vocus and Brian Solis, Raymond expanded on key points that are very relevant to identity social media influencers for marketing purposes.  In October 2011,  readers were provided with some “food for thought” in terms of trends to consider when embarking on a social media influence marketing initiatives.

1) The Meaning of Social Media Influence

The title of this October 2011 post says it all.   With the advent of social web platforms, the notion of social media influence is becoming more relevant to marketers; however, it needs to be clearly defined in  context of reaching  business objectives.   After reading this post, individuals will be more comfortable in terms in understanding concepts, identifying influencers and reaching out to influencers as a part of  a social media marketing plan.

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