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As 2011 comes to an end, Intelegia would like to go back into its archives to share some of the most popular posts with individuals that may have missed them the first time around.  In this particular post, readers will be given access to posts dealing with social media and content strategy management.  From identifying what brand message should be posted on a specific platform to organizing an editorial calendar,  here are the top five posts from this year based on Intelegia’s Google Analytics statistics. (i.e. Most Number of Views).

5) Twitter Intelligence With Follower Wonk

In June 2011, we discovered Follower Wonk, a very particular tool that we use on a weekly basis.   Searching for individuals on Twitter that fits your target audience for a social media campaign?  Stick your keywords in the search box and see what the application finds for you on the basis of individuals’ bio on their profiles.

4) 5 Opportunity Costs Of Not Having A Content Strategy

Looking to “wing” your social media strategy without a content strategy?  Before you do, read our June 2011 post in which Intelegia provides some “food for thought” of the risks to consider when not having a content strategy.  Although they may seem obvious to some, individuals or organizations  building a social media plan for the first time must have a strategy to have a sustainable presence on selected platforms.

3) : A Twitter – YouTube Hybrid?

We guess that the title of the June 2011 post says it all. is for those who would like to take micro blogging to the next level.  Capture your key message in 15 seconds of video footage and send it out to those who wish to “follow” you.

2) 9 Content Curator Tools For Social Media

This post served as a “takeaway” from Isabelle Poirier‘s presentation at the Les Affaires‘ social media conference in February 2011.  Readers were provided with a list of content curator applications that aids in the monitoring, capturing and disseminating of relevant content to engage an audience.  Tools such as Google Reader, Addictomatic and are discussed in the post.

1) 4 Soft Skills For Content Curation

As human beings, we can only depend on applications so much when it comes to content curation.  Those who perform community management tasks are called upon to use soft skills that will aid them in becoming more efficient when engaging on social media platforms.  Four soft skills are highlighted in the post originally published in March 2011.

In our next post, we will list the top five posts on the subject of social media influence.

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