Intelegia’s Blog: 2011 Posts – Competitive Intelligence

As 2011 comes to an end, Intelegia would like to go back into its archives to share some of the most popular posts with individuals that may have missed them the first time around.  In this particular post, readers will be given access to posts dealing with the practice of competitive intelligence research tools and  techniques.   From using social networks to find business related information to free web sources,  here are the top five posts from this year based on Intelegia’s Google Analytics statistics. (i.e. Most Number of Views).

5) 3 Things To Learn From The Hewlett-Packard’s LinkedIn Gaffe

Hewlett-Packard’s Vice President, Scott McClellan, inadvertently tipped off competitors earlier this year to previously undisclosed details of Hewlett-Packard’s cloud-computing services via his LinkedIn status update.   In this post originally posted in September 2011, Intelegia highlights three key elements to consider when using social media and how it can be used to gather competitive intelligence.

4) Searching Google News Archives

Learn how to dig a little bit deeper into the database of news articles that Google has amassed over the years.  In September 2011, Intelegia presented some advanced internet researching tips to help in news gathering on the web.  We are not promising that you will find everything that is contained in premium content databases; however, it is a good starting point to go beyond the regular Google News search application.

3) Social Media Monitoring Intelligence With Viralheat

2011 saw the importance of monitoring content on social media for competitive intelligence and marketing purposes.  Social media dashboards such as Viralheat are available to aid researchers in being aware of what is posted in real-time which may can be used by competitors.  In the August 2011, the post provides an overview of the product.

2) Mining For Competitive Intelligence On Google Plus 

In November 2011, Intelegia demonstrated how Google Plus  can be used as a source to cull information on companies.   Not only are companies establishing their brand pages on the social network; but, individuals are sharing content about companies that have not decided to have a presence on Google Plus.  You will be surprised on what you will find.

1) 5 Lonely Google Applications For Competitive Intelligence

Do we have to tell you that Google is more than a single search application for the web?  This post from June 2011 shares some insights on some of the lesser known tools such as Google Squared, Google News Timeline,  Google Public Data Explorer, Google Real Time and Google Moderator that can be used for strategic intelligence researcher. (Please note: Some of the applications mentioned in the post has been discontinued by Google since the post was published.)

In our next post, we will list the top five posts on the subjects of social media and content strategy management.

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