Investment Attraction Promotion Via Infographic: Montreal International

As one of the authorities on how economic development and investment attraction agencies promote their city or region for business attraction and retention via the web, Intelegia would like highlight what Montreal International has done via an infographic.

Rather than publishing site selection information in a .pdf, the agency decided to produce, Foreign Direct Investment – Where to Invest? [INFOGRAPHIC] .  The infographic is available in French and English and is composed of the three sections which are aligned with the following key location factors:

1.  Access To North American Markets
2.  Competitive Operating Costs
3.  Availability of Talent For Business and Industry

Figure 1 provides a look at the portion of the infographic dedicated to details regarding accessing North American markets from Montreal.

Figure 1: First Portion Of Montreal International's Infographic Regarding Access To North American Markets (Source: Montreal International, 2011)

Presenting such key location factors and site selection information in this format is very cleaner and crisper than the old fashion way, especially using brochures.

Two important aspects worth noting in regards to additional features on the infographic are:

1) Social media pluggins for sharing content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus
2) Availability of contact information for the representatives at the agency which serves as a  “call to action”

It sure looks like Montreal International is getting ahead start at attempting to improve their ranking in the Canadian Cities Online Marketing Index.

Do you know of  other economic development agencies that are using infographics to market their city for investment attraction?

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