Best Practice: Scottish Enterprise’s LinkedIn Company Profile

In the 2011 Canadian Cities Online Marketing Index ©, Intelegia provides key planning points for economic development professionals that are seeking to enhance their agency’s social media marketing strategy.  One of the points that was highlighted in the benchmark  report was the need for agencies to bolster their LinkedIn Company profile.

Since the advent of the Company Follow function on the social network, a simply description of the agency and a list of representatives are no longer sufficient in the hopes of engaging potential investors and site selectors.

Scottish Enterprise is an agency that has decided to take their LinkedIn Company profile to the next step.

As a part of their mandate, Scottish Enterprise is responsible for “ensuring Scotland has a great business environment for companies to grow and attract new investment to Scotland.“  With 1 389 followers of the agency’s LinkedIn page (as of November 15th, 2011), the level of activity is high in terms of the amount of posts that are made.  Figure 1 presents a sample of the updates in which followers are engaging with the agency.

Figure 1: Followers Engaging With Scottish Enterprise on LinkedIn Company Page












The ability to have a critical mass of activity on the profile allows followers to filter the content coming from the agency.  Figure 2 is a screen shot of the activities filtered based on “New Hires”.

Figure 2: Scottish Enterprise' LinkedIn Activity Filtered For "New Hires"













Scottish Enterprise has also selected to add a “Services” tab to the profile.  The agency has customized the page (as seen in Figure 3) where visitors can access information on four core services: 1)Knowledge Series 1: Low Carbon, 2) Scottish Development International, 3) Smart Exporter and 4) Knowledge Series 2: New Markets.

Figure 3: Scottish Entreprise's Customized "Services" Page













Clicking on the Knowledge Series 1: Low Carbon link leads individuals to an additional page where details on the free resource and a related YouTube video which are available as seen in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Knowledge Series 1: Low Carbon Page On LinkedIn W/ YouTube Clip









Below the product description box, visitors can see that the Knowledge Series 1: Low Carbon has been recommended by one individual.

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