5 (+1) Tips To Become An Influencer On Empire Avenue

While the shine has left Klout and other measurement tools are still seeking an audience as I explained in my last post how Empire Avenue is fast becoming the new hub of web professionals.

Beyond the fun aspect of social gaming, the new virtual stock market site has more advantages for professionals. In addition to assessing, in real time, the user activity in the major social networks, Empire Avenue offers an effective social platform that allows users to identify and reach some of the most important influencers on the web.

It has been nearly a year of experimenting, trial and error that I have been able to achieve my goals on Empire Avenue.  I am currently apart of the Century Club and I’m proud of it.   It is probably one of my best investments (in time and money) in social networks.

Beyond the game and scores, I have learned over time that I have gained a lot more in terms of making contacts and engaging with them.  There are conversations and professional relationships that eventually led to collaborating on projects this fall.

Based on my experiences and observations, here are five tips that I personally benefit from other professionals which I met on Empire Avenue.

5 (+1) Tips To Become An Influencer On Empire Avenue

Tip #1 – Make the distinction between social gaming and professional goals

From the outset, to justify my time, I cleared off all the gamers on my list (those who are content to play just for fun).   It allowed me to eliminate many individuals and concentrate on the people that may have similar interests.

Through the list of individuals that I kept, I connected with my friends on Facebook and my followers on Twitter. Out of loyalty, I bought almost all the possible shares of my colleagues and contacts before exploring and discovering new professional profiles. From that moment, my shares have started to climb steadily  since trading began.

Of all the social gamers who meet up on Empire Avenue (EAV) , there are many Web professionals and business sectors. Amongst the 200 lists of participants, coming from 190 countries and provinces, more than 65 lists are attached to interests and professional disciplines. This is one of the main benefits that can be distinguished right from the start between the gaming component and career goals.

Tip #2 – Analyze and diversify its activities in all social networks

One of the best pieces of advice regarding Empire Avenue (EVA) that I have received came from Berrie Pelser, Ber / Visual Art Design (BERRIEPELSER). In his message to shareholders, he advised to diversify the nature of posts on the various social media, including blog posts.  Do not hesitate to publish, from time to time, more personal content, such as, photos, videos of trips and holidays. In revealing more human aspects of business, we demonstrated a transparency that is generally popular with investors.

As a professional using the web, I consider it important to be among the early adopters of new emerging social platforms. To be able eventually to offer these new applications (or not) to customers, partners and colleagues, we must know how they work.  The application needs to diversify its activities and ensure a presence of other social networks like Foursquare, YouTube, Flickr, StumbleUpon and Digg. If Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn continue to be essential, then activity on other social networks is just as important in the EVA score.

The programmers of the Edmonton startup will be integrating new applications that will allow for easier analysis of precisely the evolution of its activity on other social networks (except for LinkedIn). Even if it costs 1000 EAVes to unlock each of these new applications (represented by funny avatars), the transaction is worth it to better understand the fluctuations in the price of shares and statistics on Empire Avenue.

Tip #3 – Develop a relationship of trust and reciprocity with shareholders

This is one of the basic rules of B2B conversational marketing and it applies even with Empire Avenue.  To generating leads on EAV, it is important to first establish a relationship of trust and reciprocity with its shareholders. It is like starting a business with new partners, one must learn to trust each other before establishing a common strategy.  A “Scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” approach can result in the purchase of mutual shares.

“By buying stock in someone online, you’re declaring them to be socially credit-worthy. Investment implies a literal endorsement of another member’s character and reputation. “said John C. Havens (Tactical Transparency), in his article “Why Social Accountability Will Be The New Currency Of The Web“, recently published in the webzine @ Mashable.

Unless you have a very strong ego, it is normal to feel some accountability to those who are demonstrating their confidence. We wish not to disappoint and in turn, earn that trust. If you will inspire the recognition of the leaders, we must build the quality of content and our actions through social media. Through our work on Empire Avenue, as on all social networks where we connect regularly, we must continually ask how our actions will have some significance, if not more than our words.

Tip #4 – Pay attention to the newcomers and identify leaders

One of the best tricks to quickly climb the rankings on Empire Avenue is to pay special attention to newcomers. In addition to lists of leaders, it is possible to see the newcomers and to identify those who already have the best percentage of ROI. This list also identifies the leaders of each sector, their arrival on the platform and benefit by buying up shares at lowest prices.

Throughout the year, I have observed the gradual adoption by many of the thought leaders regarding social media. Today, they are benefits of being on Empire Avenue in which I can point to.  The site allows me not only to access content from quality leaders through their social networks but to browse profiles of professionals who represent the best investments.   Here is a piece of advice from Ann Sieg (CEO, The Renegade Network Marketer) to all shareholders on EVAs: “Follow the leaders ‘lead’.”

We must remain vigilant and recognize the “flash in the pan”, “false experts” and spambots. Unfortunately, Empire Avenue is still a breeding ground for spammers.

Tip #5 – Take advantage of other social networks to connect directly to the leaders

Finally, the ability to connect directly to other social networks of professionals in our subscription lists (the leaders to follow) is certainly one of the most interesting applications to be considered in a professional context.

If you are able to make initial contact with a leader on Empire Avenue, you will eventually develop closer ties by connecting to one of their pages within other social networks. You can then go directly to premium content and share them in your own networks.  Thanks to the social media presences of these leaders, you can continue monitor content on Web 2.0 platforms.

If you are a more of go-getter and entrepreneur, as I am, then you will enjoy this private channel to establish more closer network to discuss matters; however, do not insist too much on the quality of your contributions.  You may reap the opposite effect and be fairly considered yourself as a spammer to be removed in time.  If you know how to do this and demonstrate your value by your actions in social media, these new virtual contacts may become real new opportunities to collaborate.

Bonus Tip  – Forget all of the above and set your own criteria

In fact, the best advice I can give you is to forget all of the above and set yourself your own criteria. We must not lose sight that Empire Avenue remains a social gaming platform similar to Mafia Wars, Angry Birds or FarmVille. From a professional outlook, EAV still remains a simple game. It is primarily a platform for games and entertainment just like giants such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

With Empire Avenue, the only goal of the game is to buy and sell virtual shares in order to grow the value of its investment portfolio. As a player, you must determine your goals and establish your own criteria before you buy or sell shares. Remember: Buy and Sell, That’s the Name of the Game!

If you do have to consider the professional aspect of the game, do not take the value your shares too seriously. You may have a heart attack sometimes as the price of your shares tumble while you are busy with other tasks.  Be sure to enjoy what this new social platform offers by connecting directly to the leaders of the web’s most influential in the blogosphere. That’s worth all the EAves of the world!

Beyond the game and the score; remain open, random and supportive!

So much for the social game, Empire Avenue has several other benefits for professionals and business leaders. While providing a measure of influence that is more comprehensive and multi-level than most other tools available on the web, EVA is proving to be the new platform of choice for fans of the new approach, ORS (Open, Random and Supportive) of social media .  Openness, Responsiveness and Support, might be the three keys to success in social media. (Social Media – Open, Random, Supportive by Thomas Power (Ecademy CEO), via Mick Say.)

I’ll let you finish with the reading of the recent blog by Michael Q Todd (@ mqtodd): “Why not Being on Empire Avenue is no longer option“. It reflects exactly what I think and what many observers also believe regarding social media: Empire Avenue has become a must for all professionals and entrepreneurs of Web 2.0.

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