Intelegia Welcomes Author Raymond Morin

On behalf of the team at Intelegia, I would like to welcome Raymond Morin as guest blogger for the next few months on the french side of the Intelegia website. Raymond is a conference speaker, a corporate trainer and the author of “Culture Web à la portée des PME” , “Comment entreprendre le virage 2.0” and the upcoming book, “Comment devenir un influenceur dans les médias sociaux”.

Raymond has started blogging and his initial post, “Devenir un influenceur dans les médias sociaux” is now online for individuals who are french speaking.   English translations of Raymond’s posts will be available a week after the french versions are posted.  The english posts will be online Fridays.

By inviting Raymond to blog, we will be allowing readers to  gain valuable insights and a different perspective regarding content marketing and the notion of influencers on the web and social media.  Expect highly relevant discussions regarding:

  • Inbound marketing versus outbound marketing
  • The  impact of peer-to-peer recommendations
  • Tools such as Klout, PeerIndex and Empire Avenue

And much more.

Be sure to return next Friday to read Raymond’s first post in english.

You can start following Raymond Morin on Twitter at (@RaymondMorinV2)