Using SlideShare As A Competitive Intelligence Tool

The power of Web 2.0 applications has not only afforded marketers to engage with members of their target audience but it has permitted competitive intelligence researchers another source to gather information efficiently.   Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are locations on the web where strategic data is available thanks to consumers, suppliers and ironically, competitors.

Presentation and document sharing platforms are another web 2.0 based tools that must be in researchers’ toolkit.  One of the most popular platforms is SlideShare where conference organizers, speakers, consultants and professionals can upload presentations, documents, slidecasts and videos.  Within these files, researchers may gather intelligence in the form of:

  • Raw statistics
  • Company approaches
  • Industry / expert  outlooks
  • Best practices
  • Trends

Case example:

As a part of the global automobile  industry, your company is about to execute its first social media marketing campaign for India.   Accessing intelligence about how other automobile companies use social networks in the Indian market can be quite useful in term of learning from best practices and know the social media presence of competitors on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


By simply entering the keywords: “social media” + “automobile” + india and selecting “Search For Content”, you will be provided with the results as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1: SlideShare Results For "social media" + "automobile" + india















Highlighted in purple are two  presentations that seems quite interesting and  relevant for the key intelligence question (i.e., “how other automobile companies use social networks in  India”).  The two presentations are posted below.

1. Chevrolet India Social Media Engagement programme

2. Social Media & Automobile Industry

SlideShare is available at

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