Why Your Objectives Are Important To Social Media Strategy?

With the abundance of free social media tools that are available to use for marketing purposes for economic development, it can be easy to bypass the necessary planning process and go to the exciting stage of engaging with members of the target audience.  One vital aspect of the planning process is the setting of objectives.  Without them, your agency might find itself in a position that maybe difficult to manage.

Here are 4 reasons why your objectives should be front and center before thinking of what to post or tweet your first message to attract investment.

1. Gain buy-in

In order to get the necessary buy-in from executives, clear objectives must be defined  and highlighted.  The objectives must be stated along with how social media will aid in attaining them.  It is important to note that social media will not exclusive achieve the objective however; it will contribute to the success of the marketing campaign.  Where possible, mention benchmarks in terms of percentages.

2. Assess your branding strategy

Since social media is partly about raising the awareness of a brand, objectives should be in place to dictate what specific branding attributes that must be considered in the agency’s branding strategy.  The objectives will drive the key branding messages in terms of what will be said on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, especially when it comes to a “call to action”. (i.e., clicking on links such as “contact us” , “learn more”, etc.)

3. Guide your content strategy

Similar to a branding strategy, a content strategy must be steered by a set of clear objectives.   The content that will be curated, be it written in-house or taken from external sources should be aligned with the established goals.  A failure to do so will cause the strategy to be off target in terms of getting the target audience engage to a level that they are ready to begin discussions on investing in the region.  The established objectives must define what should be said via the content that will be posted on the selected social networks.

4. Avoid going “microlocal”

With setting specific objectives of attracting  investment from outside the region, your agency will have a mindset to build a critical mass of contacts that are not already in the region.  Although it is  nice that local companies are selecting to follow you on Twitter or “friending you” on Facebook, your strategy should avoid going “microlocal”.  Going “microlocal” will eventually lead to losing focus in term of the type of content that will be curated and how much time will be spent engaging with individuals that are not planning to invest in the region.


Taking a structure approach to social media marketing for investment attraction is always advised.   The approach should be a framework in which established objectives are in place to guide the strategy and the individuals executing the strategy.   Not adhering to objectives will cause issues in which agencies may not be prepared to deal with when it comes to marketing its region.

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