Searching Google News Archives

Here is a quick  tip for individuals that do not have the time to play around with some of Google’s advanced search features that can come in handy when conducting online searches.

One  of the basic strategic intelligence products that we all have access to are news articles.  The ability to conduct an exhaustive online  search for articles that have been on the web for years can lead to a competitive edge especially when profiling firms or individuals and identifying trends.

Google provides an alternative to some of the premium content databases such as Factiva via its news archives option.

How it works?

Conduct your query as if you are looking for recent news articles and access the results.  Figure 1 is the listing of results for the query: “social media” + “trends”.

Figure 1: Results For Google News Search "social media" + trends











Once you have the results, look down the left margin of the page and  click on  “customized range” link and enter a date range.  For the example, I have selected the dates between February 1st, 2007 and February 28th, 2008.  Figure 2 is a screenshot of the results coming from the archives.

Figure 2: Results For Google News Archives Search "social media" + trends (February 2007 to February 2008)











The third result, “Top 10 Trends in Social Media and Business for 2008” from January 7th, 2008 looks particularly interesting.  Key insights from the press release are somewhat on target considering the current realities of social media world.

Using this advanced search function will save users time looking for information that is difficult to retrieve especially if a  specific time frame should be considered for the query.

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