What’s In Those Blue Folders On Northern Light?

Last week, we mentioned that Northern Light is still an useful and relevant search tool when it comes to gathering industry specific information.  Along with providing results based on different criteria as specified by users, Northern Light analyses its results and presents them in an orderly fashion courtesy of blue folders.


Let’s see what is exactly in those blue folders as seen in Figure 1 for the search query, “social media” + trends with the toggle search option, “Industry Authority Blog”.

Figure 1: Results With Blue Folders For "Social Media" + Trends








The fourth listed result provides a blue folder where Northern Light “clusters” or groups results based on a specific source (i.e., The Huffington Post – Blog“) as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Clustered Results From The Huffington Post - Blog










Accessing clustered results based on sources can significantly reduced the amount of time spent searching, especially if you deem the source a good outlet of information.

For researchers who wish to go further into the analysis of their results, the search tool has a text analytics and meaning extraction function where results are filed orderly as seen in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Accessing More Analyzed Results Via Text Analytics and Meaning Extraction











Thanks to this option, quick and easy access is given to such intelligence as company profiles, details on venture funded companies, government agencies, strategic scenario and more.

Northern Light is available at www.nlsearch.com

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