How To Enhance Your LinkedIn Presence For Economic Development

We are just about to finish up the third edition of Canadian Cities Online Marketing Index and we came across an aspect of social media marketing that economic development officers must consider: improving their agency’s LinkedIn presence in order to be found by potential investors and site selectors.

Here are 5 practical tips to consider to enhance your agency’s visibility on LinkedIn.

1. Ensure that the entire team at the agency has a profile on the network

The more individuals from your agency that is on and active on LinkedIn, the better.  A case of “Six Degrees” of Separation can be proven on LinkedIn as representatives join and becomes a point of contact at the agency.   As a result, each LinkedIn member at the agency is a “door opener” for an individual who wish to do business in the region.

2. Have a clear and detailed headline of individual profiles

To some, professional profiles are just online resumes where the little attention is paid to major details.  One element of a LinkedIn individual profile that is overlooked is the headline.  The headline portion is located just below the person’s name in the profile. Figure 1 is the headline for  Claude Haw, President and CEO of the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation.  The headline should be clear and detailed since it is the part of the profile that is indexed by Google.

Figure 1: Claude Haw's LinkedIn Profile Headline




Figure 2 is the set of results for the keywords: “Claude Haw” + “President” + “OCRI”.

Figure 2 Results for Keywords: "Claude Haw" + "President" + "OCRI"












Notice which link is listed amongst the first page of results?

If you would like to have representatives of your agency to be found easily via Google, have them edit the headline of their profile by viewing the following  YouTube clip .

3. Post a complete and clear individual profile summary

The profile summary of individuals is what potential contacts are going to read and decide whether or not they want to connect and engage with agency’s representatives.  To put the best spin on a profile summary for investment attraction, be sure to include:

  • The representative’s role to facilitate the investment attraction process
  • The representative’s specialty in terms of key sectors in the region
  • The representative’s past experience in economic development / investment attraction

4. Post a complete company overview

Figure 3  is a screenshot of the company overview for Montreal International.

Figure 3: Montreal International's Company Overview On LinkedIn

Such a company overview should include a precise overview of what your agency can offer stakeholders in terms of economic development and investment attraction.

5. Have content and engagement strategies for a LinkedIn Group

For  agencies that have decided to host a  LinkedIn Group, it is recommended that content and engagement strategies be formulated and executed to support the sustainability of the group.  It is not sufficient nor effective to just have a critical mass of individuals in the group and not have any discussions going on consistently. Content and engagement strategies will aid in steering discussions in the right direction depending on the objectives of the established the LinkedIn group.


LinkedIn offers  economic development agencies and officers a great opportunity to market their services and regions for potential investors.  With this in mind, agencies and officers must improve their presence on LinkedIn in order to:

  • Expand its network of contacts
  • Be found easily on the web
  • Inform others on the agency’s representatives
  • Inform others on the agency’s services
  • Be engaged in relevant discussions that will ultimately lead to a potential investment

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