Getting A “Mashup” Of LinkedIn Search Results

Here is a tip that has helped me out when I want to conduct a comprehensive search of LinkedIn.

One of the things that LinkedIn prohibits users to do is to “dump” its database based on a keyword.  When conducting a search, users are required to select the type of query  that should be performed (i.e., People, Companies, Answers, etc.)

Using Google Advanced search, users can access  a mashup of LinkedIn search results. How?  Easy, with  the site: function on Google.  Let’s use Bombardier as an example.

Figure 1 is a screenshot of the query (i.e., “Bombardier” along with the related results.

Figure 1: Query and Results For "bombardier"

It is interesting to see that Google has selected to provide the company related results first rather individual professional profiles.

As a part the results, users can obtain “clusters” of profiles relevant to the company in question (i.e., Bombardier Buyer, Bombardier Transportation Buyer and Bombardier transportation Recruiter).

Other results included in the mashup are: individual profiles, description of products and services and job posts.  Figure 2 is a sample of results that contains links to a job description and information on a product from Bombardier.

Figure 2: Sample Results Contains Job and Product Description

The value added feature that comes along with the set of results via Google is the ability to sort.   Figure 3 is a screenshot of sorted results for the last month.

Figure 3: Mashup Results For "Bombardier" (Last Month)

It should not be a surprise that the majority of the results in Figure 3 are job postings at Bombardier.

Searchers may use the approach to double-check  if an individual’s profile is on the business social network.  At times, I have found that it works better than the  internal  search function on LinkedIn.

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