View Your Twitter Account Differently With ManageFlitter

Here is a tool for tweeps who would like to have more insights regarding who is following them on Twitter.

ManageFlitter allows you to have a different view on what is going on your Twitter account.  For instance, with the existing Twitter user interface, it would be a time consuming task to discover which of your followers are not very active within the past 30 days.   With ManageFlitter, you may do so within a click, as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Inactive Followers of @citweetz










Other metrics that you can find out with ManageFlitter are:

  • Who is not following you?
  • Who is talkative?
  • Who is quiet?

The tool also offers the ability to conduct two types of searches: 1) bio search and 2) tweet search.  Figure 2 illustrates the results for the bio search function on Manageflitter using the search term, “social media”.

Figure 2: Bio Search Results For "Social Media"










Manageflitter is available at

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