News Search With XYDO

One of the most challenging aspects  that online researchers must contend with is information overload, especially when it comes to news searching and gathering.  Years ago, we were starved for every newspaper around the globe to be free on the web however; it only led to a glut of information that was too much for some to wade through.  Thanks to the power of social media, there are tools which will allow you to break through the “information clutter”.  Recently launched,  XYDO is one of the tools that is trying to compete with Digg and StumbleUpon.

XYDO is  a social news platform which allows you to share news with individuals in your social network.  You may find people on XYDO by connecting your Twitter or Facebook account or start building a separate network from existing communities or connections already using the platform.  Figure 1 illustrates the results given for possible connections for the topic, “social media”.

Figure 1: Possible Connections For The Topic, "social media"










Once you have established a network on XYDO, you can start sharing and searching for news. Figure 2 demonstrates the search query for “foreign investment”.

Figure 2: Search Query For : Foreign Investment









Please note that when you enter your search terms, the application will ask you whether you are looking for subject, connection or article results.    The digits attached to each result are the number of votes (or Thumbs Up) an article has received. Figure 3 is the listing of the Top Article Results from XYDO.

Figure 3: Top Article Results from XYDO for "foreign investment"











One of the features that is particularly interesting is the “My News” section in which there is a mix of news via your connections and communities.

XYDO is available at