14 Blocks To Strategic Tweeting

One of the challenges behind using Twitter as a marketing tool is competing for the attention of a targeted audience.    With the millions of tweets that are sent per day, it is tough to gauge whether a branding message  is piercing though the clutter on the microblogging platform.  A tactical approach that some social media marketers execute is to strategically time their tweets based on when their audience is logged onto the network.  To discover this kind of strategic and tactical intelligence, marketing managers may use 14 Blocks.

14 Blocks is a web-based application that permits users to know when is the best time to tweet.  The application  assesses the following elements to make its recommendations:

  • Twitter activity
  • Twitter streams of a target audience

There are a few end products that 14 Blocks provides to users.  An user “14 Blocks” profile is available for free however; other value added features can be obtained for a price. (i.e., Ability to schedule tweets directly from the site,  obtain weekly updates and filter tweets by language),  Figure 1 presents the 14 Blocks Analysis for @citweetz.

Figure 1: 14 Blocks Analysis For @citweetz

I generated the analysis report on July 7th, 2011 when 14 Blocks discovered the following:

  • The optimal time period that I should be tweeting is between 12:00pm and 2:00pm
  • Approximately  10 to 11 of my follows are online during the same period
  • The best time that I should be tweeting is on Wednesdays at 3pm

To begin using 14 Blocks, you can either register for free or use your existing Twitter account to log in.

14 Blocks is available at www.14blocks.com

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