Branding Intelligence With TweetReach

Here is a tool for social media marketers who wish to evaluate their branding initiatives on Twitter.

TweetReach is a simple to use application which permits individuals to know how far a tweet has traveled.   Users can enter one of the following into the tool’s search box to create a report:

  • url
  • Twitter name
  • phrase
  • hashtag

For branding or competitive intelligence purposes, knowing to what extent a hashtag traveled in a given period is an important metric to measure when it comes to using or identifying an effective and efficient hashtag strategy (or broadly speaking, “the buzz” factor.)   Figure 1 is an illustration of a portion of a sample report (i.e. pie charts) that of the TweetReach generates for the most recent 50 tweet with the hashtag, “#SXSW”.  (Please Note: South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, Texas.)

Figure 1: TweetReach for #sxsw










According to the sample report, 50 tweets with the hashtash reached 65, 298 individuals.   In addition, the report goes on to explain that of the 50 tweets:

  • 30 were regular tweets
  • 13 were retweets
  • 7 were replies

These totals are worth noting due to the fact that it is indication of the degree that individuals are being engaged using Twitter.

The pie chart on the right in Figure 1 gives a break down of the exposure of the tweets. The number of impressions is the amount of times individuals saw tweets  about  the topic.  (If you are still confused about the different between “reach” vs. “exposure”, please see the TweetReach Help Desk.)

TweetReach also supplies a listing of individuals that have tweeted the most with the hashtag.

TweetReach is available at where complete reports can be generated and purchased.

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