Before Your Next Event, Create A HashGang

Do not worry.  HashGang has nothing to do with any illegal activity.  LOL

HashGang aids you in creating online communities of individuals on Twitter  based on an event such as a webinar, conference or just simply a social event.  The tool with continously search the microblogging platform for tweets that have a designated hashtags.  Let’s see what we get if we enter the hashtag #sla2011 that was utilized for the recent Special Libraries Association Annual Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Figure 1 provides a snapshot of the results.

Figure 1: HashGang For #SLA2011

As the results roll in,  you can access the profile of each individual by clicking on his or her  picture. In addition, Hashgang provides a peek at the individual’s recent tweets that contains the hashtag.

Besides identifying communities of interest and branding a product or service, HashGang can be used to select industry experts and  thought leaders if you chose to search with established hashtags for industry events.

HashGang is available at