Twitter Trending Intelligence With Trendsmap

Here is a clever tool that will permit you to map geographically what is trending on Twitter in real-time around the globe.

Trendsmap is a simple application to log onto and use.  Users are asked to enter a location, or a keyword, a mention in a tweet or a hashtag) to obtain relevant trending information.  Figure 1 provides a look at the set of results for the location, “Vancouver, Canada”.

Figure 1: Trendsmap Results For The Location, "Vancouver, Canada

As you can see, the majority  of the tweets from Vancouver, Canada had to deal with the Stanley Cup ice hockey championship.

To demonstrate the hashtash search on Trendsmap, let’s a take look at the tag, “#groupon” to see where in the world the brand name is trending.   Figure 2 presents a map of where the hashtag is being used.

Figure 2: Trendsmap Results For #groupon

Not only can Trendsmap provide users on what is trending on Twitter, it can be a source for trending:

  • Top links per city
  • Top videos per city
  • Top images per city
  • Top tags used per city

Trendsmap is available at

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