The Art of Repurposing Content For Social Media Marketing

The following clip has gone viral and contains some salty language.  Viewers discretion  is advised.


After I picked myself off the ground from laughing so hard, I realized that there is a good lesson that all content curators for social media can learn from this clip.   Whether it  is positive or negative, a customer experience with a product or service can be used as content in a social media marketing campaign (another known as repurposing content).  You may define “repurposing content” as reusing content that you have obtained or created in the hopes engaging a target audience.

Repurposing content is a tool and an art form that are a part of a content strategy.   It is often used in organizations when there is a shortage of content to post on selected social media applications to market the organization`s products or services.  As an art form, it prompts several issues that organizations must consider, specifically:

  • What exactly should be repurposed? (i.e., blog, white paper, article, chapter of book)
  • What platform should be  used to share the content?
  • What is the marketing objective that should be reached with the content?

Whether or not Alamo Drafthouse Cinema knew that they were intentionally repurposing content with the video is debatable however; they were able to address the three issues above with the following:

  • Upon receiving the voicemail, Alamo Drafthouse could have deleted the message however; they decided to keep the audio and turn it  into a visual piece of content
  • The cinema chain decided to creatively add subtitles to make a YouTube clip rather than leaving the phone message as a podcast or a transcript on their website.
  • A possible marketing objective that the chain had in mind was to raise the awareness of their theatres where there is a no-texting policy to ensure that movie-goers have the best experience.

So the next time you receive a nasty email or voicemail regarding your product or  service, remember the Dale Carnegie quote, “When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade.”

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