: A Twitter – YouTube Hybrid?

Andy Warhol said that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”  Well, Andy was right however; thanks to a new social network, it is more like 15 seconds now. (pronounced “TA-OUT)  is a social media tool that allows to share in real time 15 seconds of video (courtesy of your iPhone) with individuals who are following you.  As the title of this post suggests, one can consider Tout as a marriage between Twitter (with the limitation on the amount of content you can share) and YouTube  (the video sharing component).

The tool received a big publicity push thanks to Shaquille O’Neal, an American basketball superstar.  O’Neal bypassed traditional media by announcing his retirement via his Tout page.

Imagine the situations in which some of the superstars in the world of entertainment and sports will attempt to use Tout?  Think about:

  • Lady Gaga sending out a Tout just before going into the studio to record her next CD?
  • Ashton Kutcher touting as he prepares for his debut on “Two and A Half Men?”
  • A Vancouver Canuck player touting his celebration with the Stanley Cup?

If Tout has some “staying power”, it will have a definite impact on social media marketing and by extension, content strategists.  Some of the basic considerations to assess as a strategist are:

  • Can you fit your unique selling proposition /  unique value proposition into one “tout”?
  • How creative can you be in 15 seconds?
  • How engaging can you be in 15 seconds? (a.k.a “An Elevator Pitch”)
  • How will your use of Tout modify your existing your Twitter / YouTube strategies in your social media marketing mix?
  • How can Tout work in a B2B marketing context?

It will be interesting to see which of the big brands that are already using Twitter and YouTube effectively will be able to master Tout.

Tout is available at